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When Times Get Tough The Tough Go Solar

Solar Worker- Everybody Solar CharitySeptember 23rd, 2011  -  With the future of the U.S. economy looking bleaker than it has in many decades, thanks mainly to poor decision making on Capitol Hill its' time to turn off the stock ticker, change the channel from CNBC and stop listening to those who want to stir up fear.  

If we want to help the long-term financial stability of the United States we need to stop thinking that someone is going to go to Washington and save us and start saving ourselves by strengthening ourselves and our communities by investing in sustainability.  I’m not talking about doing this passively either, buying some solar stock, or clean energy fund, isn’t going to help us in the long run. 

Solar Installers- Everybody Solar CharityWhat is going to make a difference is cutting your costs by being more efficient and investing in making your home and community more sustainable.  Because living in a sustainable home and community is not just about saving resources for future generations its about saving resources for future you.  Its about finding a way to continue living comfortably now while making sure you will also be able to live comfortably 10, 20, 50 years from now.  Making your community stronger and more sustainable is equally important, because no one lives in a vacuum.  If we do not build thriving healthy communities for us all our own health and security will suffer.

From starting a neighborhood garden, to reducing the amount of trash we create, there are so many ways we can be more efficient in our daily lives, save money, and become more sustainable.  How we get our energy to run our computers, TVs, cars, and lights is another huge piece of the sustainability puzzle.  We need to move towards getting all of our energy from clean renewable sources such as Solar, and Wind, so we won’t be reliant on foreign oil, big coal or fracking natural gas.  

Written by: Youness Scally

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